With hundreds of thousands of man hours under our collective belt, we have been able to create a multi purpose transportation service capable of creating lifelong memories. Today, our various capabilities have evolved into what we now call Transportainment.


Corporate Professionalism

We have combined the highest levels of pedicab driver professionalism, environmentally friendly American made pedicabs and high level corporate partners to deliver our service to guests forming impactful campaigns and events.


Continual Message Developments

OEX is already working in the areas of research and development for different and even more effective ways to bring your corporate message to the street level in an environmentally friendly and memorable fashion.

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    Rimini Street pedicab Drivers

    OEX has created the most unique and memorable advertising/branding product available

    Take a second and imagine a local, regional, or national brand launch. YOU could have YOUR message or actual product in front of thousands of potential customers right at street level.

    Pedestrians are very receptive to our highly unique pedicabs and drivers who are trained to act as your corporate ambassadors. Imagine your scripted information being delivered to thousands of happy and impressed clients who are taking free rides in your sponsored enviromentally green pedicabs. Your message is being delivered to them by the driver and by eye catching artwork up to three feet in length.

    Satisfaction becomes even greater when they leave their experience with a uniquely branded takeaway provided to them at the end of the ride. This is the ultimate in Transportainment!


    Pedicab advertisement on back Pedicab advertisement on side Pedicab advertisement on front T-shirt and had advertisinf on pedicab driver Takeaways
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    Digital Message Screens

    DIGITAL MESSAGE SCREENS now available on our bikes

    These Screens are being displayed exlusively at Universal Orlando. Presence on these message screens will allow the advertiser to say hello to active consumers right in the midst of their purchase cycle. Plus, our highly trained and friendly mobile concierge drivers will be able to speak positively regarding your message to the guests they meet each day. Your message will be seen day or night and in any weather conditions.

    Tap into the full potential of the consumer mindset with this digital message delivery system. We are motivated to help the guests any way we can and this opportunity allows to help them with information which will help create lasting positive memories from their experience at Universal Orlando Resort

    Look for specific information soon regarding this project and your invitation to come ride and experience Digital Transportainment.

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    running style rickshaw Girl driving a pedicab

    Leading the world of green transportation since 1990.

    OEX First began with running style rickshaws on the streets of Ottawa and Toronto and now we ride with the best American made pedicabs on the market, doing rides in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. OEX is now in it's third decade of service.

    OEX transports over 450,000 passengers happily and safely each year at Universal Orlando Resort and in Fort Lauderdale, along with events like Jacksonville Jaguar games, University of Florida football games, concerts, conventions, and other highly attended venues.

    We can provide long term or short term transportation needs at your facility and it won't cost you a dime! Our drivers provide a unique experience to each guest, an experience that we call "TRANSPORTAINMENT!" We believe in old fashioned values where our drivers work very hard to create a service which is professional, reliable, and memorable.

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    Rimini Street Event

    OEX promises to bring transportainment to any event

    OEX can bring many different services to your event, making it even more memorable and effective. We will work events of any size: large functions with tens of thousands of attendees to corporate groups, weddings, and parties. Each year OEX is the provider of on-site transportation for the Gartner Symposium in Orlando. In 2012 the event attracted over 12,000 attendees from all over the world. Gartner contracted OEX to come in and provide transportation for their guests. They were impressed to see a huge reduction in the carbon footprint. They sold sponsorships on the pedicabs to bring their costs down. Imagine hiring someone to provide this huge service and thereby creating an additional revenue stream for your event.

    OEX traveled to Tampa to do a one day event for Newland Communities when they opened their new housing development. They hired OEX to come in and provide transportation on site and to ensure their guests were taken care of as they viewed their beautiful newly built homes. OEX can travel anywhere in the southeast region and also use it's vast list of affiliates anywhere in the U.S. to work events of all kinds.

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