Rickshaw drivers
Every year we give thousands of rides to passengers and we make sure every ride is uniquely entertaining.

OEX has been a leading force in green human-powered transportation since 1990. OEX has taken the pedicab, an old form of transportation, and transformed it into a modern component of the outdoor entertainment experience called Transportainment.

OEX is the only pedicab company operating within the property of a major theme park in the U.S., having operated at Universal Orlando Resort since 2005.


Howard Gossack and Shane Book opened OEX in Ottawa using running style rickshaws

We started with 8 rickshaws and quickly developed and implemented a hands on management style which is still used effectively in Florida. We began selling and executing advertising campaigns for companies like Hard Rock Café, Evian Water and Wrigleys during that time. We grew the company to 25 rickshaws and soon were the only company left operating in Ottawa.

OEX moved its operation to Orlando and opened up shop in the city's famous downtown entertainment district

We became very involved with downtown hotel concierges, providing service to guests up to 4am. OEX also worked events at the Florida Citrus Bowl allowing for guests to attend large events and then have access to reliable transportation to Orlando's downtown entertainment district two miles away. OEX also provided service to the University of Central Florida.

OEX expanded its operations into the Toronto market with 65 rickshaws

With the expansion into a much larger fleet of rickshaws, our operating and management training systems continued to evolve. We began to work larger events like NBA basketball, NHL hockey, MLB baseball and Toronto's Annual Caribbean Festival and we continued our success with marketing contracts, working with companies such as Molson and CPlus.

OEX became the exclusive pedicab company at Universal Orlando Resort

OEX started operating at Universal Orlando Resort where we continue to have 10 pedicabs in use daily. OEX is a vital component of Universal's transportation team serving thousands of guests from the Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Pacific Resort, and the Portofino Bay Hotel. Many returning guests consider our drivers part of the their experience at Universal because we have developed a unique rapport with them.

OEX sold all it's Canadian companies and moved south to Las Vegas

OEX negotiated exclusive operating rights at UNLV properties focusing on Thomas and Mack Center while also serving the thousands of daily visitors to the world's famous Las Vegas Strip. We were able to provide service for UNLV basketball games, PBR events, concerts, and professional football. OEX also operated in Santa Barbara during that time, further improving the ability to implement local advertising campaigns in a smaller market.

OEX opened up shop in Fort Lauderdale

OEX broke into the Fort Lauderdale market as the second company working the busy ocean strip. In just one year OEX has become a reliable and exciting element of the Ft. Lauderdale entertainment scene. Our Ft. Lauderdale manager is a graduate of our management training system in Orlando. The strength of our training program is demonstrated daily by our success in the Ft. Lauderdale market.


Strategic Intent

Our goal is to operate pedicabs at the highest level in an environment where our service can thrive. We will use our hands on management system, professional drivers and high quality American built equipment which will ensure a unique and memorable experience each and every time you ride with us.

Achieving Goals and Objectives

OEX combines our pedicab transportation service with the world of corporate event planning and branding.  Recent events like the Gartner Symposium show how successful this strategy has become. Our experience at Universal Orlando Resort also demonstrates how our service becomes a crucial element in the guest experience at a world-class facility.

Going Green

OEX represents the ultimate in effective and reliable Green transportation. Our pedicabs are completely powered by human energy. OEX accommodated over 450,000 passengers last year and aims to surpass that in 2013. OEX represents the single most positive branding association opportunity as a shining example of Green power and physical fitness.